Muscle A&R Madness is a local, family run business based in the centre of Paisley (Renfrewshire) and over the years we have evolved and have built high standards services including a private gym and supplement shop.

Our shop ensures we provide high quality supplements, vitamins, energy drinks, bars and many more. We are always here to professionally help you to choose the right products for you.

In our private gym we offer all the equipment you can think off to reach your own goals. But we also provide Personal Training if you wish to take your workout on a higher level.

We also offer training and nutrition plans tailored to you and dependant on your goals, health condition and taste. All dietary plans are carefully and professionally prepared.

After a successful outcome with our private gym we decided to take things further and we opened a Muscle A&R Madness Academy where we train people who inspire to get into the fitness world offering level 2 & level 3 personal training courses. If you interested to become a personal trainer do not hesitate to contact us >


Muscle A&R Madness offers:

Muscle A&R Madness Supplement Store

Supplement Store offers a wide range of supplements, vitamins, minerals, healthy snacks & foods and many more.

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Muscle A&R Madness Private Gym

Fully & professionally equipped private Gym with limited membership and personal trainer.

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Muscle A&R Madness Personal Trainer Mentorship

Fitness Training Course
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer

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Muscle A&R Madness Specialised Nutrition & Training Programs

We offer customised & personalised diet plans for muscle gain, weight loss, diabetes and many more.

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